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With your support, we can help top-tier actors tackle critical issues in climate protection, biosecurity, and AI safety. Donations and grants allow us to support organizations and individuals who cannot otherwise access strategy consultants. Our work receives support from many knowledgeable, impact-oriented funders and charity evaluators.

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What others say about us

Through the Future Matters trainings, hundreds of activists have been able to better build local groups, win over outsiders and run strategic campaigns. Future Matters helped develop well thought-out strategies for some of our most important projects and answered important directional questions.

Luisa Neubauer
Fridays for Future Germany

I highly recommend that you support this analytically and strategically clear-thinking team. Their thoughtful recommendations, for example on communicating the climate crisis, have been extremely useful for the work of Scientists4Future.

Gregor Hagedorn

Dr. Gregor Hagedorn
Initiator, Scientists4Future
Scientific Director,
Natural History Museum Berlin

With Future Matters’ help, we got ready much more quickly to speak to politicians and the media about an effective but complex climate policy. Future Matters gave us a space for strategic brainstorming and sought direct access to potential allies. That was very helpful for us.

David Ryfisch
Team Lead International Climate Policy,

As a developer, I was immediately intrigued by the effort the founders have put into making Future Matters as efficient as possible to engage people in the fight against climate change. This is an approach that should definitely get enough funding to thrive!

Eugene Kirpichov

Eugene Kirpichov
Co-founder & CEO, Work on Climate

I am incredibly impressed by Future Matters’ work at the intersection of strategy, psychology and activism. Yes, let’s equip activists with actionable insights from social science and psychology so they can increase their impact! I found Future Matters’ approach so thoughtful that I personally donated after our first meeting.

Cassandra Xia

Cassandra Xia
Head of Engineering, Evergrow