For a Safer, more livable world

Research and strategy consulting services in policy, politics, coalitions and movements

Future Matters is a think tank and nonprofit strategy consultancy, helping you create change in three fields:

Climate protection: Mitigating emissions via policy in Germany, the EU, and internationally

AI safety: Reducing risks and assuring ethical development of powerful systems

Biosecurity: Preventing pandemics and regulating biological weapons


How we make a difference

We provide evidence-based analysis and advice to help our clients tackle tough strategic problems. If you don’t see what you need, let us know. If you’re trying to create change through policy, politics, coalitions, or movements, we likely have a service that fits.

Strategy development

Developing high-impact theories of
change, and selecting goals, decision makers, or campaigns to focus on

Policy prioritization

Choosing among competing policy
options, considering factors like
political tractability, organizational fit,
and likely future scenarios


Creating strategic plans based on weighted factors such as organizational competencies, competitive landscapes, and emerging opportunities


Prioritizing target audiences and
outreach formats, developing persuasive communications and framing, training

Risk management

Conducting risk analyses, anticipating failure modes, and developing contingency plans


Improving group coordination, building powerful coalitions, and fostering consensus

Who we are

Learn about our mission, our story, and our team.

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Who has worked with us

Think tanks, government officials, companies, and movements have turned to Future Matters for support. Since our founding, Future Matters has completed approximately 80 client projects on national and global levels. These included advising members of national legislatures on climate and AI policy, training hundreds of individuals in political strategy, communications and movement-building, preparing speakers for national television appearances and helping write op-eds for publications with circulations in the millions. As a nonprofit, our values drive our work.

AI Safety Communications Centre
Fridays For Future

With Future Matters’ help, we got ready much more quickly to speak to politicians and the media about an effective but complex climate policy. Future Matters gave us a space for strategic brainstorming and sought direct access to potential allies. That was very helpful for us.

David Ryfisch
Team Lead International Climate Policy, Germanwatch


Through the Future Matters trainings, hundreds of activists have been able to better build local groups, win over outsiders and run strategic campaigns. Future Matters helped develop well thought-out strategies for some of our most important projects and answered important directional questions.

Luisa Neubauer
Fridays for Future Germany

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